Mobile Crisis Management

North Carolina MENTOR’s Mobile Crisis team serves children and adults with directly in their homes, schools or community when mental health, substance abuse or developmental disability-related emergencies occur. Staffed by behavioral health professionals specially trained in crisis support, the unit’s goal is to help people work through crisis in a positive way, helping children and adults build coping skills and use the natural supports available to them in their homes and communities. 

Help for Any Behavioral Health Crisis

Because we work with people directly in their homes and communities, our Mobile Crisis Management service often helps prevent the need for admission to inpatient psychiatric facilities or hospital emergency departments. We do this by:

  • Stabilizing children and adults in crisis.

  • Teaching them and members of their caregiver/natural support network the coping skills needed to successfully deal with future crises.

  • Helping them access other resources and services within North Carolina MENTOR and in the community that can support them in their growth.

Support for the Transition Back Home

If inpatient treatment does become necessary, we will support the individual and caregivers to ensure a smooth treatment experience and help them transition back home after discharge. Staff will work closely with law enforcement and/or rescue personnel to help ensure a positive outcome for each person we serve.

The Mobile Crisis Unit currently serves consumers in Western North Carolina in the following counties:

  • Madison
  • Mitchell
  • Yancey
  • Buncombe
  • Henderson
  • Transylvania
  • Rutherford
  • Polk